S3's consultants have extensive experience conducting security operations and security support services in a wide range environments internationally, from modern cities to developing countries to remote and austere environments with minimal or non-existent support networks.  S3's staff has conducted risk and vulnerability assessments, developed comprehensive security plans, developed training programs to mitigate risks to personnel and facilities and conducted a range of security operations.  In addition we can work with you to conduct red teaming to evaluate your existing security programs and review your contingency plans to ensure they are up to date to address the current risks you face.

Security Preparedness Training Programs

Corporate Security Awareness Training Programs

Your job is hard enough without the extra costs to your staff when they feel unprepared to respond to threats to their safety and security.  Every location in the world is unique, as are the dangers they face - let us help prepare them to face the uncertain world they work in.

S3 has broad international experience spanning developing countries through active warzones.  S3’s staff has encountered the same threats your staff will and is ready to prepare your staff to ensure they have the proper skills for the locale they are traveling to in order to help ensure their personal safety while safely accomplishing their travel objectives.

S3’s programs are based on real world experience in the locales you are working combined with decades of scientific research into survival and risk mitigation.  S3 will utilize our security expertise and area knowledge to evaluate the actual risks your staff will encounter and then tailor a custom program to mitigate those specific and validated needs. 

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