S3 provides a full range of firearms and security awareness training for beginners through advanced students based on decades of research in the science, physiology and psychology of  survival.  Our staff has 100+ years of experience including:

  • Domestic & international law enforcement operations
  • Military deployments all environments from permissive to active war zones
  • Commercial security experience
  • National special security events
  • Military, civilian and law enforcement training programs

In addition to our regularly scheduled training courses.  S3 can design custom courses ideal for:

  • Beginning & experienced shooters
  • Tailored learning opportunities
  • International travelers
  • Executives
  • Military units/personnel
  • Law enforcement units/personnel

S3 has the breadth of operational and instructional experiences to design comprehensive training courses guaranteed to meet your needs and provide you with the most demanding and rewarding training course you have ever participated in.

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Security Awareness Training Programs

Your job is hard enough without the extra stress you feel when you are unprepared to respond to threats to your safety and security.  Every location in the world is unique, as are the dangers you face - let us help prepare you to face the uncertain world you work in.

S3 has broad international experience spanning developing countries through active warzones.  S3’s staff has encountered the same threats you will and is ready to prepare you to ensure you have the proper skills for the locale you are traveling to in order to help ensure your personal safety while safely accomplishing your travel objectives.

S3’s programs are based on real world experience in the locales you are working combined with decades of scientific research into survival and risk mitigation.  S3 will utilize our security expertise and area knowledge to evaluate the actual risks you will encounter and then tailor a custom program to mitigate those specific and validated needs. 


Training Division Overview

 S3 Training Division Overview.pdf